Brillins Media

Where Creative Ingenuity Meets Technological Expertise

Want to be part of a dynamic team in the field of design and advertising? Find out if you meet the criteria and join our team today!

We are looking highly motivated individuals to fill-in the following positions to meet the demands of our growing business:


    We are looking for someone who is highly creative and can conceptualize, visualize, and render artwork and graphic design for both traditional marketing materials and advertising materials. Expert level in graphic design applications like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator is a big plus.


    If you are tech savvy and can come up with visually compelling user interface design and user experience plan, send in your resume to join our team. We are looking for UI and UX Designers who can help build an advanced user experience design for our mobile apps and other products.


    We need a good communicator with copywriting skills and a flair for unique and original content to provide fresh, relevant, and up to date web content and advertising materials content.


    Be part of our developers and programmers team and be up to date with the latest trends and development on web applications, web design, and integration.

We are constantly expanding to continually fill the evolving needs of our clients. If you think you are the right fit for any the positions listed above, give us a call or send us your resume to get a chance to join our dynamic team of creative professionals?


Expertise not currently listed in our roster of vacancies? You can still send in your resume, we want to hear what you can do for us.


Brillins Media is a full-service creative shop catering to clients with traditional marketing materials and digital advertising materials needs. We have been in the creative design business for nearly a decade and have expanded our service to cover various modern technologies like mobile app development, UI design, UX planning, and social media marketing.